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Do Social Media Companies
Pay You for Increasing their Network?

Digital Marketing Bonus Invitation
Digital Marketing Bonus Invitation

As a digital marketing company, when introducing and working with clients to utilise social media platforms.

You are driving their business growth. Should there be more of a financial reward for you, while bringing new business to their platforms?.

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Digital Marketing

Connecting Business to a Customer

Lets Connect

The ability to connect directly with your customers is extremely important when it comes to promoting a company, services or products. Even more now with todays fast paced lifestyle of modern consumers. For that reason time and saving money can be a major factor as to where most shoppers look to spend their hard earned cash. Therefore many consumers with only so many hours in a day, are searching for what they require now and where it can be found immediately.

What if

We could access a modern more focused platform that is certainly at the finger tips of millions and does it all… With an ability to help find local business selling our required products or services today. Even more, able to give directions helping people find the business locations required. 

What if this platform has incentives, savings, discounts and deals self created by local business owners. We already know this style of marketing. As it is used everyday to entice a consumer to our doorstep. As a result more stores, food outlets, service providers are able to showcase more of their products and services they offer directly to their customers. Our use of mobile technology has created the perfect platform for this instant marketing access.


In our e-commerce digital world every business should be promoting with an App. Due to its potential to reach millions of customers in an instant. However the cost to invest in creating an app by a small business can be daunting. So, looking for an existing App Platform that has the ability to reach existing clientele or new business is an option that most look for. Still, costs to promote with these applications are high. Similarly sharing profits after paying a high expense just to get these companies involved doing the work for you. Hence it is still not a perfect solution for a small profit business.

Time to Look At D'Appy Deals App

What does D‘Appy Deals give you

An App that connects local shopping with local business at your pace and price.

  • Low start cost for your budget.
  • Easy to use.
  • Creating promotions as needed instantly.
  • Communicating with existing and new customers daily.
  • Direct connection to local customers.
  • Self controlled marketing solution.
  • One small payment a year, No profit sharing.
  • Ability to get a marketing budget to zero cost.
  • Paid network building.
  • Plus more….

This is a Major Marketing Win for any small business.

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More Value to your Portfolio

As a Digital Marketing business your portfolio consists of all the major mega superstars of digital and social media platforms. All asking for you to keep adding more content to hit the markets of all their connected users. Make it smart, pretty, informative, flashy, spend more money, the more money spent the more people see your content. Thats great for those corporations that have a huge budget and unlimited resources.


What about the little guy?

Small business, start ups, mobile roadside business have no need to hit the worldwide masses, just the locals. Likewise they don’t have the time, money or energy to be constantly checking their likes and followers to see how successful their business is being seen as growing. Most just want to promote their wares and see a profit at the end of the day. We see this in all the sandwich board signage that gets put out on local roadside curbs every day.

Does your digital company cater to this kind of business or focus only on the big fish? If not, you are missing out on millions of dollar$ in small business marketing.


Its Time to Help

We here at D’Appy Deals are a huge supporter of small local business around the world. Its what our App is designed for.

We would like to Invite you, to Help bring the D’Appy Deals App experience to your local small business community.

We feel by asking digital marketing providers with connections in their local community.

To offer the D’Appy Deals App as a marketing and promotional tool for your existing and new clientele.

We know our passion to help small business become more profitable and sustainable can become a reality.

Digital Marketing Bonus Invitation
Digital Marketing Bonus Invitation

Rewarding Efforts

As a Business your goals are to help the community by providing a service or product and of course get paid for your efforts. For that reason we don’t believe you should sell or promote anyones business without getting rewarded for your hard work and contribution. As a result we put our heads together and came up with a way for this to happen.

Now your digital business can get Extra Bonus Cash Rewards for helping D’Appy Deals Apps business network grow.

Unlock Offer

Our Unique Offer

The D’Appy Deals Referral Program automatically pays a 5% Referral Reward for all connected subscribers to our App.

Our Offer to your Digital Marketing Business is a further 10% Bonus Reward for each New Business that connects to your Referral Program.

That makes it 15% in Total for all New Business you introduce and connect to the D’Appy Deals App.

This can be up to A$30.00 per referral made.

You will also continue to receive an Automatic 5% Reward every time a connected business resubscribes to D’Appy Deals App.

Should an Individual User take advantage of the Opt-In benefits to D’Appy Deals App you will also be paid an Automatic 5% Reward

This dis-continues should a membership be cancelled or lapses.

So now

  • Your business is getting a reward fee for simply helping build a network of app business users.
  • You have more options for your portfolio of digital marketing platforms.
  • A way to help small business become more proactive in a local market.
  • Added income opportunity for creating posts and deals for your clients.
  • Providing a more affordable digital option to your clients.
  • Grow a passive income from your network.

Your Clients get

  • Direct communication to their customers.
  • Advertise like a Billboard on their customers and potential customers phone or tablets.
  • One small payment a year for their local advertising.
  • Controlled marketing in their hands.
  • Access of up to 2900 posts a year.
  • More money in their pocket.
  • Savings and discounts for consumers.
  • Building a Pre-paid advertising network.
  • Less effort or cost needed to acquire new business.

With the low costs and ease of how this app can be utilised by all locals and local small business. It certainly makes good business sense to be part of this amazing platform. Furthermore a Referral Program provides the perfect way a companies advertising is pre-paid in the future.

Check Out Requirements


  1. Register your business or user account with D’Appy Deals App.
  2. Fill in application form.
  3. Send application to admin@dappydeals.com. Titled – Digital Bonus Application
  4. Use Tutorials to help show your clients how to use the D’Appy Deals App.
  5. Subscribe on App to receive your payments.
  6. Add PayPal Email ID to ‘My Wallet’ found on App.

Once your application has been approved and returned. All connections made from specified date on application will be paid at bonus rates. This Offer is valid for a 24 month (2 year) period and can be reviewed. A Business that shows an exceptional referral rate may be offered an increased bonus cash reward.


  • Payments are made to a PayPal account. (Unless alternate arrangements are made). 
  • Payouts are made in Australian Dollars. (Currency exchange and fees from PayPal may alter total received).
  • Payments will be made from the 25th of each following month.
  • You must have an active paid membership to receive payments.
  • Qualifying for a payment – Account must have $50.00+ D’Appy Dollars and accumulated Bonus Rewards.
  • Should an account be less than $50.00. Payments will be held till next month when account qualifies.
  • A statement with account details will be emailed with your payouts.


All inquiries regarding payments should be addressed to:

D’Appy Deals Pty Ltd – Accounts Officer

P.O. Box 487, Carina 4152, Queensland, Australia

or admin@dappydeals.com

What are you waiting for..

Apply Today and Start Earning Extra CA$H.

Helping Your Small Business Community Grow Strong.

Referral Bonus Month

Referral Programs – Helping a Community

Sample of how D’Appy Deals Referral Program earnings are helping.
  • Electric Bill paid off.
  • Paid for my D’Appy Deals Subscription.
  • Took wife for a night out.
  • Went towards Kids School books.
  • I could afford some extra Groceries.
  • Bought a new iPhone.
  • Helped raise money for Local Football Team.
  • Don’t need the money, I give it to a Charity.
  • Gave it to my Brother for his first date.
  • Fuelled up car.
  • Able to employ a Junior to help out at Store.
  • Saving it, for when I really need it.

What will you do with yours?

Let us know, Email us admin@dappydeals.com

Tutorial Video – Referring Friends, Clients & Businesses

Prize Sponsorship

Does your business have a product or service that D’Appy Deals can use for a Sponsored Prize?. Whether for Local or an International prize pool, we want to hear from you.

We would love to support getting your product or service known to the locals around the World. What better way than giving free samples in the form of prizes. As the D’Appy Deals network expands around the World, let us help your business grow.

Contact us at admin@dappydeals.com lets start working out the details.

 – Prize Sponsorship, only available to active businesses using D’Appy Deals App –