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It's D'Appy Deals Referral Bonus Month

Referral Bonus Month

We live in a World where cash is our means to barter and trade. It can mean so much for so many.

We here at D’Appy Deals strive to give back to our World community.

Referral Bonus Month

This is why, Referral Bonus Month

is our way of giving away lots of CA$H!

Video – April Referral Bonus Month

Month: April 2019

How this works:

  1. Sign up any NEW Business, Friends & Client Users to your Referral Program in April 2019 and receive an extra 20% Bonus to Referral Program
  2. Each Business, Friend or Client User in your Referral Program that RENEWS their subscription in April will receive an extra 20% Bonus to your Referral Program.
  3. All Individual User Subscriptions, NEW or RENEWED receive a standard 5% connection reward.
  4. All Business User Subscriptions, NEW or RENEWED receive a standard 5% connection reward to Referral Program.
Referral Bonus Month
Referral Bonus Month


  • Only subscribed members are eligible for bonus payouts to D’Appy Deals Referral Program.
  • Membership must be paid in full for Referral Program claims.
  • There are No Minimum Business or Individual User subscriptions to qualify for bonus.
  • You must be connected with a referred member by using your personal Referral Code Number.
  • Businesses must be legal and legitimate to use D’Appy Deals App.
  • App member must be 16+ years old to receive payments.
Referral Bonus Month


  • Subscribed and connected members appear on D’Appy Deals ‘My Wallet’. (Found in App menu).
  • ‘My Wallet’ only shows standard 5% for each subscribed member.
  • Claiming your Referral Payouts. You must have a minimum of $50.00 D’Appy Dollars in a ‘My Wallet’ account or accumulated bonuses.
  • Referral and Bonus payments are paid to a PayPal account.
  • Please add PayPal Email ID to ‘My Wallet’ page.
  • A Statement listing all connected referrals and bonus totals for Bonus Month will be emailed to qualified members.
  • Payouts for Referral Bonus Month will be made after the 25th of following month for administration purposes.
Referral Bonus Month
Referral Bonus Month

Referral Programs – Helping a Community

Sample of people using D’Appy Deals Referral Program earnings.

  • Helping pay off Electric Bill.
  • Paid for my D’Appy Deals Subscription.
  • Took wife for a night out.
  • Went towards Kids School books.
  • I could afford some extra Groceries.
  • Bought a new iPhone.
  • Helped raise money for Local Football Team.
  • Don’t need the money, I give it to a Charity.
  • I gave it to my Brother for his first date.
  • Fuelled up car.
  • Able to employ a Junior to help out at Store.
  • Saving it, for when I really need it.

What will you do with yours?

Let us know, Email us

Tutorial Video – Referring Friends, Clients & Businesses

Prize Sponsorship

Does your business have a product or service that D’Appy Deals can use for a Sponsored Prize?. Whether for Local or an International prize pool, we want to hear from you.

We would love to support getting your product or service known to the locals around the World. What better way than giving free samples in the form of prizes. As the D’Appy Deals network expands around the World, let us help your business grow.

Contact us at lets start working out the details.

 – Prize Sponsorship, only available to active businesses using D’Appy Deals App –