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Discover local restaurants, spas, mobile food vans, things to do in your area and much more!

D’Appy Deals App adds value to your shopping experience, no matter where you are and what local businesses you are looking for! Just download the app and pay your subscription so you can access special rewards and hot deals near you.

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Choose Your Package

Choose your package

Beginners Pack

$5.99 per 6 months

Builders Pack

$9.99 per year
builders pack

Starter Pack

$79.99 per year
D'Appy Deals App

Premium Package

$149.99 per year

Platinum Package

$199.99 per year

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Whether you’re a customer or a business owner, D’Appy Deals is designed to make your life easier by connecting you with a strong community of shoppers. Basically, the more you use the app and refer other people to it, the more you save dollars on your shopping!

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