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Supporting Locals With A Helping Hand

Applications Now Open!

In Response to the Worldwide Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic.

Applications to All Categories of Helping Hand Program until 30th June 2022.

Will automatically be granted an Increased Bonus of 20% for First 12 months (1 Year) of their Program Participation.

With the Second 12 Months (1 Year) Bonus at 15% as per regular program participation.

Start Supporting your Local Businesses

while Building your Earnings with a Lifetime Network!


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please checkout our NEW Category – ‘Backpackers & Travellers’. Accepting Applications Now.


Be Safe, Be Aware, Be Proactive.

Will You Lend a Helping Hand

Your membership now helps those that need it most.

We all have times in our life when things just get so hard, we become a ‘Person of Need’. Mistakes are made everything seems to escalate. Bad luck hits with everything out of control.

Similarly are times of bad weather or natural disaster, leaving us stranded with unwanted expenses. Unable to Earn a living with expensive recovery costs. Likewise that time we bought a car, just to find out its a lemon!. We’re still paying for a vehicle we can’t use.

All while that single parent tries to feed 3 kids, working 2 jobs barely keeping debtors away. Of course finally our ultimate hardship is losing it all, finding yourself and family surviving on the streets.

HH Prog Disaster
Helping Hand Program

These are real scenarios that play out across the world everyday, every hour. Our financial ecosystem is a fragile balance of success and failure.

When people have spendable money in their pockets, our financial ecosystem becomes strong. Crime is lowered, people can feel safer. This of course leads to less stress and suffering, with less health issues.

Earning that few extra dollars can be the difference between food on a table at home, to a family living on the streets.

“Give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day

but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

– Lao-Tzu.

One of our goals is building a network of shoppers supporting their local small businesses while earning cash.

We do this by creating and using a connected network for our Shopping and Marketing App. Of course the greatest part of creating and running this App, is giving back immediately to our world wide community that supports us.

So, we created a way of helping those living with difficulty in these financial hardship scenarios. To literally help a “Person of Need’ earn extra cash during their time of stress and suffering.

We want to give that Person a fishing pole!.

What Qualifies a 'Person of Need'?

Helping Hand Program

I am a ‘Person of Need’

Weather your earning from an existing network of people already connected to your Referral Program or wish to build your network for the future.

Everyone who believes they fall into any category can apply to receive a 15% Boosted Bonus with our Helping Hand Program.

Helping Homeless

Helpers are Hero’s!

Know someone who is living through and dealing with hard times or financial stress?. Please help them apply to our Helping Hand Program.

You could very well be saving someone from losing everything or helping others earn extra cash to rebuild their life for a better tomorrow.

Selecting one ‘Person of Need’ to help.

Has a greater impact on peoples lives, for your community.

“When we all share, then we all win.” – DD


Please choose from the following categories a Person that financially struggles daily and needs our support and understanding.

Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program

Victims of Homelessness are living with no fixed address or financial assistance. This Helps these struggling people earn extra referral program cash while they survive and get back on their feet again.


  • Person or Family living without a liveable dwelling.
  • Persons with no fixed income or support.
  • Persons who require daily charity or generosity of others.
  • Someone who lives on our streets.
  • Individuals who struggle to maintain regular income.
  • Families and Persons who cannot claim Govt support.

Support a Homeless Person

Please select a Referral Code Number of a ‘Person of Need’ your app membership will support.

Stories of Hope

Helping Hand Program
Helping hand Program

As a Victim of Natural Disaster. We may find ourselves displaced from our homes or our means of income has been disrupted due to that force of nature. This extra percentage boost to your referral program is needed to help individuals and families earn extra cash for those unexpected expenses.


  • Hurricane destruction.
  • Bush fire loss.
  • Earthquake relief.
  • Unexpected weather disruptions.
  • Tsunami recovery.
  • Severe drought conditions.

Supporting Victims of Natural Disasters

Please select a Referral Code Number of the ‘Person of Need’ your app membership will support.

Stories of Hope

Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program

Financial stress from high costs of raising a family on a low income. Certainly can be a strain on any family. This has been know to cause anything from feuds to suicide. So, with a bit of extra boosted earnings from your referral program for support. We hope to Help keep putting food on the family table.


  • Medical emergency.
  • Low income support.
  • Unable to work from poor health.
  • Spouse income loss.
  • Family with low income.
  • Extra income for families in low income areas.

Help a Family in Financial Stress

Please select a Referral Code Number of the ‘Person of Need’ your app membership will support.

Stories of Hope

Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program

Looking for a helping hand to help overcome a small debit owed. Just need some short term help. These Helping Hand boosters last for short terms of 6 months to 1 year. Let your referral program earnings Help pay your debts faster.


  • Car loan payments.
  • Child school fees.
  • Repaying a friend.
  • Boost for a special occasion.
  • Wedding loan payments.
  • Emergency financial booster.

Helping with Debt Relief

Please select a Referral Code Number of the ‘Person of Need’ your app membership will support.

Stories of Hope

Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program

Had an accident or situation where your normal life has been changed and made harder with a financial burden. We have all had those times when things just were not going as planned. Helping here allows your referral program boosted earnings reduce your burden, to be less of a worry.


  • Vehicle breakdowns.
  • Property damage.
  • Medical procedures.
  • Unexpected travel.
  • Equipment faulty.
  • Displaced from home.

Helping with that Hardship Scenario

Please select a Referral Code Number of the ‘Person of Need’ your app membership will support.

Stories of Hope

Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program

Been laid off from a long term job, or made redundant after a business collapse. This is an emotional time for anyone. Now you have extra referral program earnings to assist and Help paying those pesky bills.


  • Loss of job.
  • Made redundant.
  • Between contracts.
  • Unexpected layoff.
  • Medical discharge.
  • Workplace harassment.

Helping out when in-between jobs

Please select a Referral Code Number of the ‘Person of Need’ your app membership will support.

Stories of Hope

Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program

For the times when employees need to be paid and business is slow. To a new business breaking into the market. Supporting your business with earning extra referral program cash assists in keeping your doors open. Even more this can be a Helping Hand not only for your business but everyone you employ.


  • New business startup.
  • Restructure of business.
  • Loss of turnover due to disaster.
  • New local competition.
  • Equipment breakdown.
  • Economic downturn.

Note: Photos and business names may not be shown with this category for privacy of applying companies. However description, location and referral code are still a requirement.

Supporting Local Business

Please select a Referral Code Number of the ‘Person of Need’ your app membership will support.

Show Off Your Business

Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program

For those times when savings are all gone and a pension only just covers basics. Supporting those that have already made their contribution to our society and community through lives of dedication and hard work. This Helping Hand is especially for those who are 60 or over, who just need to be earning extra referral program cash. Thank You!


  • War Veterans (Thank You!).
  • Elderly Government Pensioners.
  • Grandparents supporting Grandchildren.
  • Elderly struggling with debt.
  • Aged persons who have lost their savings.
  • Elderly who require assistance with disabilities.

Choose a Person of Age and Experience to Support

Please select a Referral Code Number of the ‘Person of Need’ your app membership will support.

Stories of Life

D'Appy Deals App
D'Appy Deals App

Travelling around this Beautiful Planet has its great adventures and disasters. Having that extra cash source can be a great help especially when your funds dry up or get stolen. Helping overcome the Backpacker Begging while earning that extra cash before and during your travels. 


  • Stranded in foreign country with no income.
  • Don’t want to work while travelling.
  • Stolen or lost cards and cash.
  • Pre-travel fund raiser.
  • A chance to help others in need while travelling.
  • Making sure you have cash when the trip is over.

Supporting those who love to see whats around the corner.

Please select a Referral Code Number of the ‘Person of Need’ your app membership will support.

Stories of Life

“Asking for help is not weakness, it is the first steps at making a stronger you”.

– D. Dyer

How Do We Help?

Helping Hand Program

1. By searching categories displaying details of candidates who have applied to our program.

2. Choose a candidate’s Referral Code Number. – Enter this during your D’Appy Deals App registration.

3. Pay a subscription fee. – Allowing you to directly help your chosen ‘Person of Need’.

4. Once membership is paid. – Your referee directly receives 20% of your subscription to help in their time of need.

5. This is NOT a loan. – We give up to 24 months (2 Years) of extra referral program earnings.  Coming directly from connections each person makes.

6. Your support continues every time you re-new membership to App.

7. Introducing more People to your own network. Creates referral program earnings that can be boosted and called upon, should you ever find yourself as a ‘Person of Need’.

Why Are You Waiting?

Remember – ‘Its a small sum to you, a huge help to them!’.

Download – D’Appy Deals App

Select – ‘Person of Need’

Helping us make a strangers life, less stressful.

Helping a ‘Person of Need’ apply for the Helping Hand Program makes you our Hero!

Thank You, for your application to our Helping Hand Program.

By building a network of Business and Consumer Users utilising our D’Appy Deals App. We are able to help people earn through our Referral Program and put needed cash into the hands of those that require it most.

    This Bonus Referral Offer is only available to those individuals who have fulfilled our criteria of a ‘Person of Need’ following our Terms and Guidelines.

An offer like this is our way of helping those who require a form of financial assistance, getting them back to a more comfortable life with less stress for themselves and families. Financial earnings are achieved from sales of our D’Appy Deals App Membership found on our specially designed shopping, marketing and promotional app. Easily shared this with friends, clients, customers or associated connections with your personal Referral Code Number found on App.

How to: Apply for Helping Hand Program

As a ‘Person of Need’

  1. Download and Register to D’Appy Deals App to activate your Referral Code Number.
  2. Please use genuine email details for contact purposes.
  3. Take a clear photo of yourself displaying your required details.
  4. Fill out our application form with your photo as ID.

Helping a ‘Person of Need’

  1. Help Download then register to D’Appy Deals App to activate Referral Code Number.
  2. Please use genuine email details for contact purposes.
  3. If no email, please register them with a free email address.
  4. You can use your mobile phone number, unless they have own.
  5. Take a clear photo of applicant displaying their required details.
  6. Fill out our application form with their photo as ID.

Our Tutorials are available as a guide.

Helping Hand Program

Photo Requirement

  1. A digital photo of ‘Person of Need’ is required to be part of our application process. This will be used for authenticity of applicant, to promote their Referral Number on our website, social media pages and any marketing for the Helping Hand Program.
  2. Photo will show a Clear & True likeness of person.
  3. Picture will show applicant holding a form of hand printed material or our Photo Template showcasing their
  • Referral Code Number (found on app)
  • First Name (last name by choice)
  • Location (city/town)

    4. We also recommend a short message describing applicants situation.

Q: Is owning a Mobile Phone or Tablet required to join my personal Referral Network?

Answer: No.


Though a device is required to access and register with D’Appy Deals App.

All you require is your Login Details to access app from other peoples devices.

Your Referral Code Number connects people directly to your Network.

“Never wait for others to do, what you can do for yourself”.

– D. Dyer

Helping Hand Program
Helping hand Program
Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program

“We Thank You for Helping

in their Time of Need.”


Helping Hand Program –


Helping Hand Program – P.O. Box 487, Carina 4152, Queensland, Australia.

Helping Hand Program
Helping Hand Program