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Application Requirements

Helping a ‘Person of Need’ apply for the Helping Hand Program makes you our Hero!

Thank You, for your application to help a ‘Person of Need’ in your local community with our Helping Hand Program. By building a network of Business and Consumer Users utilising the D’Appy Deals App. We can help put needed cash into the hands of those that require it most. Your assistance is welcomed and appreciated by the D’Appy Deals Family.

    This Bonus Referral Offer is only available to those individuals who have fulfilled our criteria of a ‘Person of Need’ following our Terms and Guidelines. This Bonus Offer is our way of helping those who require a form of financial assistance, getting them back to a comfortable and stressless life for themselves and families. This is achieved from sales of our D’Appy Deals App Membership to our specially designed shopping, marketing and promotional app for your friends, clients, customers or associated connections.

Applying for Helping Hand Program

As a ‘Person of Need’

  1. Download and Register to D’Appy Deals App to get your Referral Code Number.
  2. Fill out our application form.
  3. Making sure you have correct communication required to be accessible. (Eg Mobile Phone Number, Email Address)
  4. Take a photo showing your required details.
  5. Email or post us your application.

Helping a ‘Person of Need’

  1. Help Download and Register PON to D’Appy Deals App to get their Referral Code Number.
  2. Help them to fill out application form.
  3. Make sure PON has their communication requirements to be accessible. (Eg Mobile Phone, Email Address)
  4. If not, please register them with a free email address.
  5. Yes, you can use your mobile phone number unless they have own.
  6. Take a photo of applicant showing their required details.
  7. Email or post us their application.

Our Tutorials are available to Help.

Helping Hand Program

We suggest Printing then Laminating our Helpers Tools together. With a whiteboard marker you can re-use Application & Photo Template multiple times.

A clear photo of your application and a picture with required details is all that you need to email for application.

Photo Requirement for Application.

  1. A digital photo of ‘Person of Need’ is required to be part of our application process. This will be used for authenticity of applicant, to promote their Referral Number on our website, social media pages and any marketing for the Helping Hand Program.
  2. Photo will show a Clear & True likeness of ‘Person of Need’.
  3. Picture will show ‘Person of Need’ holding a form of hand printed material or our Photo Template showcasing their
  • Referral Code Number (found on app)
  • First Name (last name by choice)
  • Location (city/town)

    4. We also recommend a short message describing ‘Person of Need’ situation.

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“We Thank You for Helping in their Time of Need.”