Key features of D’Appy Deals App

D’Appy Deals App is a great way to SAVE MONEY on the products or services you need to buy or make a SMART INVESTMENT in your business. Here is how you can CREATE and ACCESS hot deals in your area!

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Key features

How it works

D’Appy Deals for Customers – Always be in the right place, at the right time!

  1. DOWNLOAD our FREE App from your Apple or Google Play store.
  2. REGISTER your details. Pay your 6 or 12-month SUBSCRIPTION fee in order to FULLY BENEFIT from the special offers, competitions and referral program bonuses.
  3. You can now RECEIVE PROMOTIONS posted by local businesses, each with a time or quantity restriction.
  4. GAIN ACCESS to hot deals through the App within a 20 – 50km (12.5 – 31mi) radius of their business location. Plus, the deal will be REIMBURSED once you get to the place you are looking for and present your D’Appy Deals CODE.
  5. Get PAID when REFERRING your friends, family and other businesses to the D’Appy Deals App. Create a passive income.
D’Appy Deals for Customers features
D'Appy Deals App

D’Appy Deals for Business Owners – create the right deal, at the right time!

  1. DOWNLOAD for FREE from your Apple or Google Play store.
  2. REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS then choose your 12-month SUBSCRIPTION.
  3. Depending on your choice of subscription, choose from 3, 5 or 8 active posts a day. Your promotional posts are based on Time (from 1hr to 2 weeks) or Quantity.
  4. Your PROMOTION through D’Appy Deals Apps will be seen within a 20 – 50km (12.5 – 31mi) radius of your business location.  Please Note: only REIMBURSE when shown a voucher with unique D’Appy Deals Code for your post.
  5. Get PAID when REFERRING your customers, friends, family and other businesses to the D’Appy Deals App. Create a passive income.
  6. The more you refer the cheaper your subscription.

What's the Deal?

No matter the size of your business, when choosing D’Appy Deals App, you can promote your products and services directly to your local customers. When selecting your Subscription you will have options of 2 types of deal posts:

  • Quantity & Time Posts – choose your product or promotion quantity number and run time from 1hr to 2 weeks.
  • Quantity Only Posts – choose your product or promotion quantity. Promotes till all deals taken or cancelled. Depending on your subscription choice. Promotion radius of 20-50km (12.5-31mi).

So why wait?

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Referral Program

Referral Bonus Month

Whether you are a Business or an Individual, D’Appy Deals App has a wonderful BONUS prepared just for you! Everyone who registers with the D’Appy Deals App receives a Personal Referral Code Number. Use that code to REFER a customer, family member, friend or another business to the D’Appy Deals App. When they put that Referral Code Number in during their Registration, your lifelong connection will be made.

D’Appy Deals will pay you 5% of their Subscription Fee back to you. Plus, whenever your referred customers or businesses renew their registration, well…you will be paid again. This will continue creating a passive income till their account lapses or is cancelled.

Your App Wallet will keep an account of all your connections and payments.

What other way to enjoy the App than getting paid to shop? There are also many possibilities to collect extra cash and prizes so…let’s GO SHOPPING!

The more you share, the less your subscription costs you.

*Note – Please see terms and conditions 

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