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Though our D’Appy Deals App is a local shopping and marketing tool. We certainly know there are people and organisations who could benefit with extra help. Because weather its financial, physical or emotional. We all get a feeling of relief when someone says ‘Let me help!’.

And it certainly can be extremely satisfying when a friend, family or perfect stranger shows support in that time of need.

Charity Support Program
Charity Support Program

Now as an app company we may not be able to directly help with physical or emotional support. Therefore we decided in our own way to help with financial.

While being an avid supporter of Small Business in Local Communities around the World. We here at D’Appy Deals have a unique and more direct attitude in the way we would like to help.

So, we concluded that due to the World we live in being a vast and ever moving expanse of people. It is always a fact that each of our individual interactions are usually local to where we call home or are situated right now. For that reason we feel by connecting and helping local small charities, organisations or individuals earn extra funding in your neighbourhood. We will be a lot more beneficial for you and your local community.

“Charity, is not always about what you give, Its more about who you give it to!”.

– D Dyer

CSP Community
Charity Support Program

Give your support to small community charities or individuals that require extra funding. These projects and programs are designed to help influence a better community spirit or improve the welfare of those individuals that require their services.


  • Community outreach
  • Aged activity organisations
  • Child after school programs
  • Homeless care
  • Locally targeted activities or programs
  • Organisations helping those who are dependent on others

Support a Community Charity

Please select a Referral Code Number of the Charity your app membership will support.

Stories of Community Charity

CSP Animals
Charity Support Program

There are many small organisations and charities that care for the well being of animals in your local area. These services are not always accessible to major funding, as our human charities and organisations may receive. As a result they tend to survive on local donations and good samaritans.


  • Lost and found pet services.
  • Animal disaster care.
  • Pets for the aged.
  • Finding homes for homeless pets.
  • Wildlife rescue
  • Animal behaviour and psychology.

Choose a Charity that Supports Animals

Please select a Referral Code Number of the Charity your app membership will support.

CSP Health
CSP Health

Health and well being for us all is a major reason to give donations and charity. We all know it will affect all of us at some time. Weather personally, family or friends, there are many reasons to support these charities and organisations.


  • Medical and organ research
  • Disease research.
  • Aged home care.
  • Palliative care.
  • Disability programs.
  • Child and adult abuse centres.

Support a Charity for Health

Please select a Referral Code Number of the Charity your app membership will support.

CSP Sports

Sports is a huge part of our youth and a great way to learn social interactions and physical fitness. From the local junior sports team to a local talent going big time and needing funding. You could be helping the sporting talent of tomorrow achieve their goals faster.


  • Kids sports programs.
  • After school sports.
  • Local team sponsorship.
  • Individual athlete support.
  • Locally targeted activities or programs.
  • Special needs sporting organisations.

Supporting Local Sports Charities

Please select a Referral Code Number of the Charity your app membership will support.

CSP Education
CSP Education

Dedicated to helping fund Education based charities from fete’s to school equipment drives. These educational charities and programs are helping improve our schools ability in teaching children and adults alike. For that reason these charities are dedicated to our future.


  • School scholastic programs.
  • Enhanced educational programs.
  • Funding school projects.
  • Individual academic achievers.
  • Equipment upgrades.
  • Special need programs.

Select a Charity for Education

Please select a Referral Code Number of the Charity your app membership will support.

Stories of Charity in Education

CSP Community

How it works.


 1. Download D‘Appy Deals App.

 2. Choose a Referral Code Number of the Local Charity you want to Support.

 3. Input Referral Code when filling out registration on App.

4. Paying your subscription earns a 20% share to your chosen local Charity.

 5. Keep Building your network earnings by Sharing your Referral Code with others.

6. Use our App to support your local Shops and Services.

D'Appy Deals App

Helping Those Who Help Others

Our D’Appy Deals Referral Program actively pays out from business and individual user subscriptions, a life time 5% bonus to its members who earn this by sharing and connecting our App with friends, family or local businesses.

By applying to our Charity Support Program, the earning potential will be increased with a 15% bonus to a total of 20% . This 2 year commitment will be available to any local community charity, organisation or individuals that require extra earnings for their organisations funding and are part of D’Appy Deals Shopping Network.

D'Appy Deals App

“Individually we are Strong, Earning as a Community we are Invincible!”.

-Daniel Dyer

Charity Support Program
Charity Support Program
Charity Support Program
Charity Support Program

“We Thank You for allowing us to Give Generously”.

Email: Charity Support Program –

Postal: Charity Support Program – P.O. Box 487, Carina 4152, Queensland, Australia.

Charity Support Program
Charity Support Program
Charity Support Program