Section 1. What Charity Qualifies for Bonus?.

The D’Appy Deals Charity Support Program is open to all Charities, Programs or Projects that are designed to improve, enhance or support the well being of any local community of people or individuals. 

Each Charity, Program or Project must be a positive influence to its locals, while having goals that reward its supporters with improvements that help them as individuals or group situations.

All active Charities, Programs or Project must be actively encouraging and supporting of other parties due to race, sexual orientation, religion, political views and geographical locations.

D’Appy Deals supports all Charities, Programs or Projects that fall into 5 recognised categories. Community, Animals, Health, Sports or Education.

Section 2: Categories.

1. Community

What helps the most for a large group of people to keep them happy and positive.

2. Animals

Helping our 4 and 2 legged furry friends live in harmony with everything.

3. Health

The well being of our minds and bodies.

4. Sports

Supporting those who have an active healthy social life.

5. Education

Helping those with academic goals.

Section 3. Logo Requirement for Application.

Please supply a digital graphic representation of your Charity, Program or Project that can be recognised by others.

Graphics can be in forms of PDF, PNG or JPEG file format.

This Logo will be displayed on our webpage along with your Charity name, description and referral code number. This will allows others to find and connect to your Referral Program.

Section 4. Application comes with.

i – Increased percentage bonus income as stipulated on your Application, for each connected Membership made by ‘Person of Need’.

ii – Start Bonus – Free access to bonus income for first 6 months from application date.

iii – A paid network building system.

iv – Savings made while using and supporting local businesses with App.

v – Up to 24 months (2 years) of bonus income to Charity for all connected Business and Users to their App Referral Program.

vi – Automatic continued payment of 5% income each time their connected members re-subscribe to App.

vii – Charities Logo with details showing their referral code. Posted and displayed on D’Appy Deals social media and website.

viii – Unique Referral Code generated when registering your details to D’Appy Deals App.

ix – A unique way a Charity, Program or Project can help themselves to earn money into the future.

x – An easy way for Charities to become financially funded from members of their community.

xi – Exposure for Charity, Project or Program with future written articles linked to D’Appy Deals App or website.

xii – No limits to how many people can help Charity, Program or Project.

Section 5. Conditions.

i – By Accepting these Terms. Charities, Programs or Projects give D’Appy Deals App and D’Appy Deals Pty Ltd, Permission to use their Logos, images and Charity name for any promotion and marketing of that Charity, Project or Program on our social media, websites or any marketing and promotional campagnes.

ii – Time limit for Bonus will be set at 2 years (24 Months) from application date as determined by D’Appy Deals Management for Charity Support Program.

iii – Individuals and Companies must be registered with the D’Appy Deals App.

iv – Should a Charity, Project or Program be found and proven to be giving False identity and/or Not a registered Charity, Project or Program. Their Bonus Offer can be discontinued (cancelled) upon consideration and evaluation by D’Appy Deals Management.

v – Should a Charity, Project or Program be found and proven to be giving False identity and/or Not a registered Charity, Project or Program. Their D’Appy Deals App Account can be discontinued (cancelled) upon consideration and evaluation by D’Appy Deals Management.

vi – Should an individual or individuals be found and proven to be forcefully coercing, threatening or misrepresenting a Charity, Project or Program to illegally gain monies from this promotion. All individuals will be passed onto local law enforcement to be processed as required by local laws.

vii – Any and all illegal activity or infringements to D’Appy Deals App Referral Bonus Program and Promotion can mean loss of existing and future Referral Program income to those individuals who actively participate.

viii – Applicant can choose to re-submit application when time limit expires, as found on application.

ix – Application details must match their App registration.

x – Must use Referral Code Number found on your app, to confirm connection with each new referee.

xi – D’Appy Deals Pty Ltd is under No Obligation to make payments of accounts, Should a Referral Code Number NOT be connected during registration.

xii – D’Appy Deals Management reserves the right to refuse application if found unsuitable or misrepresentation of applicant.

xiii – Applicant must be over 16 years of age to be eligible for bonus.

xiv – D’Appy Deals Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel agreement of Bonus Referral Offer. Should it be found and proven that representing individual or business has misrepresented or given false information to their referees regarding the D’Appy Deals App or D’Appy Deals Pty Ltd Company.

xv – Though it is not a requirement of Application. We do suggest the Charity, Project or Program participants actively promote their connection with D’Appy Deals App. To build their network and utilise this Promotion for their future funding success.

xvi – All decisions made by D’Appy Deals Management are final and WILL NOT be Negotiated.

Section 6. Payments.

i – Payments are only available to active paid members of D’Appy Deals App. (Limited Exception Category A)

ii – Payouts will be made through PayPal unless other arrangements are made.

iii – Payments will be settled after 25th of each following month. (for reasons of administration.)

iv – Payouts will only be made if your account has *DD$50.00+ of accumulated Referral Program and Bonus payments.

v – Should an account be less than *DD$50.00. Payouts will be held till following qualifying month.

vi – A statement with monthly income and connected members results will be emailed with payments.

vii – Should a Monthly Promotion be active. You will be awarded the higher percentage amount offered between monthly promotion or existing bonus offer.

viii – Payments are made in Australian Dollars with local currency, conversions and PayPal fees applying.

*DD = D’Appy Dollars – Term of currency used only for D’Appy Deals App equivalent to Aus$ value.

Section 7. Team Bonus.

i – Available only to approved select individual Team Leaders working with locals actively growing a D’Appy Deals network.

ii – To be considered for Team Bonus. Has an active connection of 10+ paid memberships. Each member has 10+ paid memberships. Total 100 paid memberships.

iii – Team Bonus allocated and approved by D’Appy Deals Management Only.

iv – Bonus pays an extra percentage to Team leaders for each paid membership their connected referred team members acquire.

Please address correspondence to:

Email: Charity Support Program –

Postal: Charity Support Program – P.O.Box 487, Carina 4152, Queensland, Australia.