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“To start anything can be the hardest thing in the world. Look how hard it can be for some of us to start a relationship, a project, a school assignment. Me, I’ve started a lot of things in my life but nothing as big as this.”

– Daniel Dyer, founder of D’Appy Deals  –

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D'Appy Deals App

The vision of D’Appy Deals App

With D’Appy Deals App, you can find what you need, when you need it! You will also discover the best of what the local area has to offer.  Browse deals for local restaurants, coffee shops, beauty salons or look for bargains on electronics, home goods and many more!

There are so many Small Local Businesses ready to help with your shopping experience!

So why wait?

Download D’Appy Deals here and get your local special offers NOW!


The story of a brilliant idea

‘I’m sure some of the great names we hear about, all look back on their lives and think: “I started from nothing and built this BIG something.” I too want that experience someday. Today, I can look back over the last 18 months since I had a Bright Light go off in my head and say: “My name is Daniel Dyer. I am the Founder of the D’Appy Deals App and company.”

Born in Blenheim, New Zealand and encouraged by his parents from an early age to pursue his dreams, Daniel started many different jobs. From graphic artist and other temporary jobs in US and Europe, he settled down in Australia working as a Wine Consultant in an International Family Company for nearly 14 years.

Everything changed in August 2016, when Daniel had this wonderful idea: creating an App as a cost-effective tool to connect local businesses with customers. 12 months later, the idea went live and started to change lives for the better.

‘I hope this small idea will become a Big Deal to many. D’Appy Deals is the way of the future.

Connecting Local Shopping with Local Business.

Daniel Dyer, founder of D’Appy Deals App and company

The mission of D’Appy Deals App

For Businesses

  • Support LOCAL BUSINESSES to promote their services DIRECTLY to the customer
  • Offer an AFFORDABLE MARKETING TOOL for small, medium and large businesses
  • Create a SMART INVESTMENT for your business using focus, differentiation and low-cost MARKETING STRATEGIES
  • Facilitate FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION with new, existing and potential customers
  • Local BUSINESS TO BUSINESS Promotions and Deals
  • Apply a simple formula to IMPROVE SALES: Own it! Promote it! Sell it!
  • Get PAID for promoting the app with your existing clientele through our REFERRAL PROGRAM
  • Access incentives to HELP YOUR BUSINESS SUCCEED.
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D'Appy Deals App
dappy deals for customers

For Customers

  • Transform a shopping need into a SHOPPING EXPERIENCE with the help of a user-friendly, go-to App
  • Find HOT DEALS IN REAL-TIME, then go get them
  • Upgrade your old-fashioned, boring shopping guide to an EASILY ACCESSIBLE DIGITAL GUIDED SHOPPING EXPERIENCE
  • Shows all special offers in your area on a 20-50km (12.5-31mi) radius, whether you’re AT HOME OR TRAVELLING
  • Provide an ACCURATE AND RELIABLE GPS to take you directly to the door of the business you need
  • Active and loyal customers are REWARDED for networking with our REFERRAL PROGRAM
  • This ALL-IN-ONE APP offers you hot deals from multiple categories
  • Makes your life easier while offering you CONVENIENCE, SAVINGS and JOY!
  • An opportunity to get automatic access to COMPETITIONS and CASH REWARDS.

Meet Our Supporters

Our list of supporting businesses using D’Appy Deals App posting great deals.

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D‘Appy Deals shows you ‘limited time only’ and other special offers around you, whether you’re at or away from home. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what our customers say about us…